Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Little Woman Home for Animals

TJ - 15 year old male yellow tabby, with Momma Socks

"Little Woman Home for Animals, a no-kill, non profit, animal sanctuary in Huntsville, Texas, founded in 1999. LWHA is committed to providing lifetime care to abandoned and unwanted animals. We provide foster care while actively seeking adoptive homes for healthy animals and endeavor to meet the medical needs of animals who are ill or aged. We do not practice euthanasia. We advocate the sterilization of dogs and cats and the humane treatment of all animals."

 Cooler weather brings on kitty pile at The Cat Studio

Mikey - the pit found as a pup tied to a rail road track with Miss Kitty (tripod) at The Big House

Precious, Chris and Miss Kitty At The Big House

FuzzyBuzz with Socks who just had his second eye removed - now living in The Office

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  1. A great big thank you! You have been helping more than you'll ever know...